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North by Northwest Brewery
Austin, Texas

A Message From Davis Tucker

North by Northwest came into existence from an idea that I had many years ago – that great craft brewed beer and fabulous food could come together in a fun and interesting atmosphere.

I chose the name North by Northwest because I wanted to convey the image of the Northwest where many brew pubs and micro-breweries got their start. Once settling on the name,the architecture and the image flowed naturally. Stone and wood are combined with the high vaulted ceiling to create the feel of those great lodges in our Northwest National parks.We have urbanized it a bit with the steel structure and industrial designed light fixtures. The Brewery Tower is a prominent feature along with the NXNW grain silos. The one directly in front of the Brewery Tower is a functioning silo full of 25,000 lbs. of barley – the major component of the beer-making process. All the beers at NXNW are brewed right on site inside the Tower.

So this is where my first fateful taste of a truly great German beer in 1984 has led. I hope you have a great time here at North by Northwest.Please feel free to let us know what you liked and what we can do better. North by Northwest is my dream but it's for you our customer to enjoy.

Regarding Our Web Site

Thanks for visiting our site. There are a million websites out there these days and I hope ours will be interesting and informative while conveying my love for great beer and great food.

Since this is the first North by Northwest, let me thank you in advance for supporting our project and our effort to bring you a genuinely unique and tasty beer and dining experience.

Maybe the best way to give you a feel for what we are trying to create is for you to wander around the rest of the site and see for yourself.

As you surf through these pages, I hope you will take a minute and contact us. Let me know how you liked the site, how it could be improved, and for those of you who have been patrons of our restaurant, let me know about your experience. I am constantly searching for ways to improve the NXNW experience and would love to hear your comments.

Thanks for stopping by.
Now, can I buy ya a beer?

Davis Tucker