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North by Northwest is home to some of the finest brews in the Southwest. We are proud to offer a varied selection of annual as well as seasonal and specialty brews. Together, Brewmaster Don Thompson and Head Brewer Kevin Roark have over 30 years of brewing experience; with beer backed by this much brewing know-how, it has to be good!

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North By Northwest Classics

Northern Light

Northern Light

The light touch of Horizon hops marry well with Pilsner malts to create this crisp, clean and refreshing beer. (ABV: 4%  IBU: 12)

Duckabish Amber

Duckabush Amber

Pilsner, Caravienne, and Chocolate malts give this beer its beautiful, deep amber color. It is soft and creamy and balanced by Horizon hops.  (ABV: 4.5%  IBU: 20)

Pyjingo Pale Ale

Py Jingo Pale Ale

Brewed in the style of the great ales of the Pacific Northwest, this complex combination of Pilsner and Caravienne malts and Horizon, Cascade and Amarillo hops make it a great session beer. (ABV: 5.5%  IBU: 45)

Okanogan Black Ale

Okanogan Black Ale

This rich, malty dark ale is reminiscent of the smooth ales produced by the Weltenberg Brewery in Northwestern Germany. The Pilsner, Caravienne, Munich, Chocolate, Black malts and Roasted Barley give this great dark ale a creamy, roasted malt flavor, which is perfectly balanced with Cascade hops. (ABV: 5.5%  IBU: 25)

Bavarian Hefeweizen

Bavarian Hefeweizen

Pilsner malt and White Wheat topped with German Hallertau hops give this smooth German-style wheat beer an invigorating flavor – the perfect accompaniment for a great Austin afternoon outside. (ABV: 5%  IBU: 10)


Currently on Tap

Past Seasonals (check back for future release dates)


Our 2012 Holiday Ale aged in a whiskey barrel. Big boozy, sweet aromas of caramelized sugar, toffee, vanilla, and coconut are followed by a rich, sweet, full-bodied flavor on the palate and a long, malty finish that lasts forever! (ABV: 9% IBU: 30).

Barton Kriek

Our Kriek starts out as an amber ale fermented in stainless steel than transferred to used red wine barrels where it ages for twelve to eighteen months with a blend of Lactobacillus, Pediococcus, and three strains of Brett. After aging in the oak barrels, the sour is aged further in stainless with organic Montmorency cherry juice. Winner of a Bronze Medal at the 2011 Great American Beer Festival and a Gold Medal at the 2012 World Beer Championship in the fruit lambic category (ABV: 4.5% IBU: 20).

Barley Legal Blonde

Our blond ale uses all pilsner malt, ale yeast and Simcoe hops to create a well-balanced, light and flavorful beer with a slightly hoppy finish (ABV: 5.2% IBU: 30 - 35).

Belgian Wit

A Belgian-style wheat ale that uses pilsner malt, white wheat and brewed with a touch of Noble hops, bitter orange peel and coriander (ABV: 5.5% IBU: 6).

Berliner Weisse

A highly carbonated, refreshing, tart, sour, and acidic German-style sour wheat ale with notes of lemony citrus. Very refreshing! (ABV: 3.5%).


Okanogan Black Ale aged in a Jack Daniels whiskey barrel. Rich and complex with flavors of vanilla, toffee, smoky wood and dark chocolate (ABV: 6.25% IBU: 25).


Our Tu-Helen Bock aged cold-aged in a Jack Daniel's whiskey barrel for 7 months! Notes of vanilla and carmelized sugar pair well with the robust malt flavor and lager smoothness characteristic of Bocks (ABV: 7% IBU: 15-20).

Bohemian Pilsner

A light, golden, and crystal clear Pilsner with pils malt, Saaz hops and a high carbonation that produce a smooth, crisp brew with a clean, malty palate and a zesty hop profile (ABV: 6.0% IBU: 20-25).

Dark Side IPA

A Cascadian Dark Ale that strikes a beautiful balance between citrusy-resinous Northwest hops & roasted, chocolate malt notes (ABV: 6.5% IBU: 50-60).

Dark Side of the Moonshine

Our Dark Side IDA aged in a Jack Daniel's barrel for over two months. Notes of vanilla, smokey bourbon and piney hops on the aroma with a smooth malty and vanilla sweetness on the palate followed by a long, hoppy finish (ABV: 6.8% IBU: 50-60).


Similar to a Hefeweizen, this wheat beer is brewed with dark malts adding a nice complexity and low bittering hops (ABV: 5.9% IBU: 9).

Excalibur ESB

An unfiltered bitter made with English crystal malts, English ale yeast and UK Golding hops, and dry hopped to allow the UK Golding hops flavor to come through (ABV: 6%  IBU: 18).

Fluck's Incapacitor

Made in collaboration with Freetail Brewing, this hoppy American-style Amber is named after legislative aide Amber Hausenfluck and strikes a nice balance beteween citrusy American hops and a nice malty character (ABV: 6.35% IBU:50).

Gitcha Saison

Brewed using Pilsner malt, medium Munich malt and white wheat. The color is deep golden with a slight haziness. Carbonation is slightly high as per the style. Golding and Hallertau hops give slight bitterness and aroma, but it’s the Belgian yeast that gives it that spicy, fruity Belgian characteristic. Get your sais-on! (ABV: 6.8% IBU: 12-13)

Green Menace

An extremely hoppy and full bodied American-style Imperial Indian Pale Ale, sure to please even the most discerning of hopheads (ABV: 8% IBU: 85).

Holiday Ale

Complex, malty and rich, this English-style barleywine is one of the strongest of the beer styles. Heavy amounts of English crystal malts and chocolate malts give this beer its body and high strength, UK Golding hops help balance the sweetness and add a nice aroma. Perfect for sipping by the fire on a cold winter evening (ABV: 9% IBU: 30).

Irish Stout

A dry Irish Stout brewed with house pilsner malt and lots of roasted barley. Light and easy-drinking ale with a full body and a complex, smooth finish (ABV: 4.3% IBU: 19).

Kodiak IPA

Copious amounts of Magnum, Simcoe & Amarillo hops give the signature citrus, tropical aroma, flavor & bitterness to craft this well-balanced IPA (ABV: 6.55% IBU: 70).

Ned's Red

A Flanders style oak aged sour ale. This one uses the most recent batch of sour base and a touch of an older, more intense sour. It’s a nice blend that has solid acidity and tartness, but still very drinkable (ABV: 4.5%  IBU: 20).


A German-style Marzen beer, brewed with German Munich, Vienna and Pilsner malts, German Hallertau hops, and German lager yeast (ABV: 5.8% IBU: 15-20).

Prost Pilsner

A hoppy German-style Pilsener brewed with 2-row pilsner malt, noble Hallertauer hops and German lager yeast. Crisp, clean, hoppy and well carbonated, this is one to pour in a tall glass, sit back and enjoy. Prost! (ABV: 5.5% IBU: 27)

The Raven

A sour Blackjack aged with blackberry. A hint of barrel aging with sourness as the dominant characteristic, a little funkiness, and notes of dark fruit (ABV: 5.5%).

Red Zeppelin

Balanced, malt-driven, medium bodied Irish Ale - lightly hopped allowing the toasted malt character to take center stage (ABV: 4.7% IBU: 17).

Rye of the Valkyries

Rye IPA with notes of fruit, citrus, and pine and a distinct hop bitterness that finishes with a crisp, slightly spicy, subtle rye flavor (ABV: 6.8% IBU: 55).

Summer Ale

A refreshing golden ale dry-hopped with Amarillo hops and kaffir lime leaf, adding citrus, herbal, and spicy notes that play well with the hop aroma (ABV: 4.85% IBU: 25-30).

Tu Helen Bock

A strong Vienna lager with low hop bitterness and a well-balanced malt profile (ABV: 6.8% IBU: 15-20).

Voodoo Chile

Our Hey Joe Coffee Stout conditioned in a Jack Daniels barrel for 2 months. Big aromas of coffee, whiskey and brown sugar are followed by dark, bittersweet chocolate notes on the palate and a full, soft lingering mouth feel (ABV: 7.5%).

Whiskey River

Irish Stout aged in a Jack Daniels whiskey barrel - full-bodied and complex with a smooth bourbon finish (ABV: 4.3% IBU: 19).