Come join the friendly staff at Austin's North by Northwest Brewery

We're Hiring

North by Northwest Restaurant and Brewery is hiring at both locations. We take pride in our friendly professional service, great beer and great food.

We are currently hiring friendly servers, expos, hosts, and cooks at our Stonelake and Slaughter locations.

Please apply in person between 2-4PM Monday through Thursday at either location.


NXNW Restaurant and Brewery is strongly committed to supporting our local community through special events and charitable giving.  We support many types of organizations including animal rescue, education, performing arts, cancer survivor education and support, and numerous children’s charities. Through these efforts we hope to support Austin's growth and development, while maintaining its unique cultural heritage.

Thank you for offering NXNW the opportunity to participate in your upcoming fundraiser.

Please email with donation requests. Be sure to include your name, phone number, email address, information regarding your organization and/or event, non-profit status, if applicable, and the NXNW location from which you are requesting a donation (Stonelake or Slaughter). Requests will be reviewed and responded to in the order received. Please allow 6 weeks for consideration and a response.

Some of our community partners include:

  • 1400 Miles
  • Austin Community School (ACS) for Dual Language
  • Austin Film Society
  • Breast Cancer Resource Centers of Texas
  • Care Communities
  • Central Texas Dachsund Rescue
  • Hawktober
  • Health Alliance for Austin Musicians
  • MS Society
  • Therapy Pet Pals of Texas
  • Anderson High School
  • Davis Elementary
  • Highland Park Elementary
  • Doss Elementary
  • Lanier High School and Lanier High School Community Skills Class
  • Bowie High School and Bowie High School Community Skills Class

Growlers, Mugs & More

In addition to our Beer to Go and T-shirts, you can continue to keep yourself wrapped in North by Northwest, even when you're not at our fine establishment! Check out some of the great swag we have to help you get your NXNW fix!


North by Northwest Amber Growler

Amber Growler

For those who enjoy the color of beer, why not get an amber growler? Crafted with a sturdy handle and an air-tight seal, the amber growler is a lovely way to look at the world through beer-colored

North by Northwest Emerald Growler

Emerald Growler

This classic emerald-green growler not only looks good, it serves an important function: the green glass filters out light which can cause beer to be light-struck, preventing the brew from developing a skunky flavor. Beautiful and func

North by Northwest Amber-Ripple Growler

Amber-Ripple Growler

A twist on the smooth-surfaced amber growler, we offer the amber-ripple growler. Handsome curves on the surface give this growler an interesting look, accentuating it's strong, sturdy ruggedness.

Growler styles vary according to availability. Growlers may either be purchased empty, or filled with beer!

Drinking Vessels

North by Northwest Full-Liter Mug

Full-Liter Mug

Is the Hofbräuhaus too far for you to pick up a large mug from? Then come on by North by Northwest and grab one of our full- lite

North by Northwest Half-Liter Mug

Half-Liter Mug

For serious beer drinkers, you need a serious mug. Emblazoned with the NXNW logo, our half-liter mug is sturdy and ready for

North by Northwest Pint Glass

Pint Glass

Bring the bar home with you! When you get some Beer-To-Go, you need a glass to put it in. Our pint glass serves as the ultimate beer-drinking experience with a NXNW logo to remind you of where your favorite beer is.

And more!

North by Northwest Gimmie Cap

NXNW Gimmie Cap

Why wear "just a hat" when you can top your noggin with North by Northwest? Gimmie caps come in a lovely neutral color with our logo stitched into the front.

North by Northwest Serving Tray

Serving Tray

Serve your Beer-to-Go in style with the North by Northwest Serving tray. Each tray is white with a red NXNW logo on the front.

North by Northwest Key Chain Opener

Key Chain Opener

Away from home? Need a reminder of where your favorite resturant is? Just look down at your keys! North by Northwest is never far away.


Why just drink and eat North by Northwest when you can wear it home? Next time you're in NXNW, pick up some new threads! You may be in the Southwest, but that's no reason not to walk out NXNW.

All T-shirts are $16.00.Click any picture for a detail of the shirt.

Wear the Beer!

NXNW Keep Austin Biered t-shirt

Get the Austin and Longhorn spirit with "Keep Austin Biered"

Available in burnt orange in S, M, L & XL sizes.

NXNW women's t-shirt

Ladies love our NXNW logo cap-sleeved shirts.

Available in black in S, M, L & XL sizes.

NXNW Norther Light t-shirt

Showcase the Northern Light logo and pledge your allegiance to a light beer you can be proud to drink!

Available in ash in S, M, L & XL sizes.

NXNW Okanogan t-shirt

Okanogan Black Ale: Now You Can Settle for OK! Well, better than OK, but "Reallyawesomogan Black Ale" just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Available in ash in S, M, L & XL sizes.

NXNW logo t-shirt

Sometimes a logo just says it all, doesn't it? And hey, if someone ever asks you for directions, you've got a built-in compass pointing them directly to North by Northwest.

Available in white in S, M, L & XL sizes.

NXNW Oktoberfest t-shirt

Celebrating Oktoberfest with a classic feel and just a touch of Austin, Texas decorate the back of this shirt.

Available in black in S, M, L &