Beer To Go

Beer to-go with North by Northwest Brewery in Austin, Texas

Take North by Northwest home with you! We offer a variety of NXNW brews in an array of beer containment units.

Serving a large party? Try one of our keg sizes. Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite beer lover? Get a growler! All prices are subject to change.

Canned beer on demand!

You can now take NXNW brewery fresh beer home in 32oz Crowlers (can-growlers).

  • $8 Regular Fills
  • $10 IPA & Specialty
  • $3 off Three Packs


With a delightful name like a growler, how can you go wrong? Growlers are the ideal gift for serious beer lovers. Each growler is constructed of high-quality glass, with a sturdy metal handle and the NXNW logo etched into the front.

Growler Fills:

  • 2L - $14.50 regular & $17 IPA's
  • 1L - $9 regular & $10 IPA's

$12 Grolwer Fills:

  • Happy Hour- 4 to 7pm daily
  • Growler Hour- last hour of business
  • Mug Club members

*Prices dependent on type of beer purchased

Large Glass Growlers (2L):

  • $31.95 with first fill of our regular selection of beers
  • $34.95 for seasonals and IPA's

Small Glass Growlers (1L):

  • $16 with first fill of regular selection
  • $17 for seasonal and IPA's



5 Gallons (40 pints):

  • $69.99 for Standard Tap Beer
  • $74.99 for Seasonals
  • $79.99 for IPA

15.5 Gallons (125 pints):

  • $149.99 for Standard Tap Beer
  • $164.99 for Seasonals
  • $179.99 for IPA

Mug Club Members Receive 10% Discount on Keg Orders!

Keg Policy

Please review the following information so that we can assist you with your beer orders. If you have any questions, call us at (512) 467-6969 for Stonelake or (512) 301-6969 for Slaughter Lane!

Order details:

  • All keg orders include keg bucket, ice, tap and cups. Addition cups may be purchased for $5.
  • Kegs are good for 12-24 hours after first tapping if they are kept cold and still.
  • Keg pick up and drop off times are at 11:00am or from 2:00 - 6:00pm.
  • Please allow at least 24 hours to fill all keg orders.
  • Keg orders are not filled over the weekend. Any orders placed after Friday morning will not be available until Monday.
  • Orders require a $100 deposit payable by cash only.

We have a limited number of kegs available on weekends, first come, first serve. Please order your keg by Friday morning to guarantee selection. Call for availability.

Pick-up details:

  • Please call 20 minutes prior to picking up your keg so that we can have it iced down and ready to go when you arrive.
  • Please bring an appropriate vehicle for transporting kegs. Large kegs require a SUV or truck and tie-down straps are highly recommended.
  • Feel free to use our reserved parking space for keg pickup on the west side of the building near the loading dock.
  • We will gladly fill homebrew-style corny kegs (ball lock or pin lock) as long as they are clean, sanitized and in good working condition.
  • We cannot fill or exchange any other brewery's kegs (for example: Miller, Coors, Bud etc.)